Breast Disorders

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Breast Disorders

Breast disorders can be of concern, but an accurate diagnosis and treatment can help solve your issue and give you peace of mind. If you have concerns about breast problems, turn to the compassionate team at Elite Women's Care Center in Houston, Texas. They offer professional evaluations, diagnostic testing, and specialized treatments. Call the friendly office staff today, or book an appointment online anytime.

Breast Disorders Q & A

What are examples of breast disorders?

A woman’s breasts can develop many different types of disorders. Some women may never have issues, while others have recurring problems or struggle frequently.

Examples of breast orders include:

  • Swollen lymph nodes
  • Mastitis or other infections
  • Clogged or blocked milk ducts
  • Cysts
  • Inflamed blood vessels
  • Fat necrosis (damaged fatty tissue)
  • Fibroadenomas (firm lumps)

If you have any concerns about abnormalities with your breasts, reach out to the Elite Women’s Care Center team. They offer examinations and superior personalized treatment plans. 

What are the symptoms of breast disorders?

You should check your breasts daily to see if you notice any signs of change. Symptoms of breast issues include:

  • Discharge from your nipples
  • Lumps in your breast
  • Skin changes on your breasts or nipples
  • Pain in or around your breasts

Though signs of disorders might be obvious, you can still have a breast disorder without showing symptoms. That’s why routine annual well-woman exams at the practice are so important. In addition, if you’re unsure how to perform breast exams at home, your provider can show you how.

When should I see a medical professional about my breast issues?

If you notice changes to your breasts, call Elite Women’s Care Center as soon as possible. You can rely on the team to listen to your concerns, provide direction, and plan a course of action, which may include diagnostic testing. 

State-of-the-art imaging allows the medical team to detect any changes in your breast tissue. If the test results reveal signs of concern, the team explains your treatment options in detail to help you make an informed decision.

Lumps or other breast issues don’t always indicate signs of cancer or other serious problems. That’s why you need a medical professional to evaluate changes in your breasts.

If you feel nervous about the process or have concerns about your test results, the compassionate team offers counseling as needed. They understand the magnitude of your thoughts and feelings and can help you navigate through them every step of the way.

To book an appointment with the Elite Women’s Care Center professionals, call the office today, or use the online booking tool for convenience.