Obstetrics and Gynecologist in West Houston, TX

Providing reliable, high-quality gynecology care for adult women and adolescent girls is a priority at Elite Women’s Care Center. The experienced gynecologists take an integrative approach to address fibroids, irregular periods, and other gynecological issues. The providers also specialize in preventive care services, including routine pelvic exams, Pap smears, and sexually transmitted disease (STD) testing. Call the Houston, Texas, office to schedule a gynecology appointment for you or your child, or book an appointment online today.

Gynecology Q & A

What is gynecology?

Gynecology is a branch of medicine that focuses on female reproductive health. The Elite Women’s Care Center gynecologists offer diagnostic testing and customized treatment services to address a range of conditions that affect your reproductive system, including:

  • Fibroids
  • Endometriosis
  • Abnormal periods
  • Gynecological cancers
  • Sexually transmitted infections (STIs)
  • Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS)
  • Infertility

The physicians have specialized training in adolescent gynecology to help young girls build a solid foundation for their reproductive health and sexual wellness.

When should I schedule a gynecology appointment?

You should schedule a routine gynecology appointment at Elite Women’s Care Center once a year, even if you feel well. Preventive exams allow physicians to identify potential reproductive health issues before they cause complications.

Adolescent girls should start routine gynecology visits before they start their period and become sexually active.

You should also book a diagnostic evaluation if you experience symptoms like:

  • Pelvic pressure or pain
  • Heavy or missed periods
  • Pain with sex
  • Difficulty getting pregnant

The providers use advanced technologies to diagnose the cause of your symptoms accurately. They create care plans to address your symptoms and their underlying cause.

What can I expect at my first gynecology appointment?

During your initial visit to Elite Women’s Care Center, the gynecologists review your personal and family medical histories and can discuss any symptoms or concerns you have.

They complete a pelvic exam to check your vagina and internal reproductive organs for abnormalities. The providers can also perform a Pap smear to collect a sample of cells from your cervix to test for precancerous changes that increase your risk for service cancer.

Your evaluation may also include:

  • STI testing
  • Breast exam
  • Birth control counseling
  • Mammogram referral
  • Lifestyle and diet recommendations

If you need a diagnosis of symptoms, the providers may order an ultrasound or other diagnostic tests. They may prescribe medications to treat vaginal infections or STIs or discuss your options for minimally invasive gynecological surgery to treat fibroids or endometriosis.

You can expect to schedule preventive office visits annually. If you’re undergoing treatment for a gynecological condition, the providers can help you schedule follow-up visits to monitor your progress with treatment.

Call Elite Women’s Care Center to schedule a gynecology appointment for you or your child, or book an appointment online today.